MetadataMapperDecorator The core extension interface to create metadata tags for custom XML to Object mappings.
 PropertyHandler Responsible for mapping a single property of a mapped class to an XML element, attribute or text node.
 AbstractXmlObjectMapper Base class for XmlObjectMapper implementations providing default implementations for the two property getter methods.
 Choice Choices represent several XML child elements that should be mapped to the same property of the mapped class.
 ChoiceRegistry Internal registry for all choices available to a group of mappings.
 MetadataMapperBuilder Extension of the base PropertyMapperBuilder that supports mapping configuration with metadata.
 PropertyMapper Default implementation of the XmlObjectMapper interface that gets produced by the PropertyMapperBuilder.
 PropertyMapperBuilder Builder that creates PropertyMapper instances.
 RootElementSetup Part of the XML object mapping DSL to set up the root element for a group of mappings.
 SimpleMappingType Enumerations for the mapping types of simple property types (like String or Number).
 SimpleValueMapper A mapper implementation that maps elements with a text node to simple types like String or int.
 XmlObjectMappings The main entry point for the DSL to create a group of XML to Object mappings that support metadata configuration.