CommandTriggerProvider Strategy that allows to determine the trigger message type for a command based on the type of the command.
 CommandTriggerProviders Global registry for providers that can determine the trigger messages for commands.
 DefaultCommandTriggerProvider Default implementation of the CommandTriggerProvider interface that determines the trigger for a command based on the first parameter type of the execute method or (if the execute method does not have parameters) based on the first parameter type of the constructor.
 DefaultManagedCommandProxy Default implementation of the ManagedCommandProxy interface.
 DefinitionBasedCommandProxy ManagedCommandProxy implementation that knows how to create command from an ObjectDefinition.
 ManagedCommandLifecycle Extension of the standalone CommandLifecycle from Spicelib that deals with adding and removing commands to/from the Context during execution and passing them to the CommandManager.
 MappedCommandProxy Parsley message target that executes a command when a message is received.