ApplicationDomainProvider Responsible for determining the ApplicationDomain based on a provided view instance.
 AsyncConfigurationProcessor Interface to be implemented by ConfigurationProcessors that operate asynchronously.
 BootstrapConfig Represents the configuration to be used to create a new Context.
 BootstrapConfigProcessor Interface to be implemented by classes that participate in the Context bootstrap sequence.
 BootstrapInfo Represents the environment for a single Context building process in a read-only way.
 BootstrapManager The BootstrapManager is the entry point for building a new Context.
 BootstrapProcessor Responsible for processing the configuration and initializing a Context.
 ConfigurationProcessor Responsible for processing configuration and adding object definitions to a registry.
 InitializingService Interface to be implemented by IOC kernel services that need access to the environment of the Context building process.
 Service Represents the configuration of a single IOC kernel service.
 ServiceRegistry The registry for the configurations of all seven IOC kernel services for one particular Context.
 BootstrapDefaults Holds the instance that provides access to the global bootstrap configuration defaults for all settings and services that are not configured explicitly for a particular Context.